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Topsoil is the top layer of soil on the Earth's crust. Here on Long Island, it has formed from the underlying rock and sand deposited from glacial times. It has been formed over many years by the natural accumulation of organic material and plowing, if the area was farmed.

The value is in topsoil being a growing medium with good water retention, texture, pH and the ability to supply nutrients to the plants growing in it. In many situations, it can be up to 5 to 12 inches thick. In other places with development, the topsoil may have been stripped off leaving very little of the original native topsoil remaining.

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At A&R Materials we have mastered a premium grade rich, dark in color topsoil.  It contains high nutritional content that your plants thrive for. Our topsoil is the #1 choice for your garden or lawn.  Strict adherence to quality control guarantees your topsoil meets our strict specifications. The results are more robust plants and greener lawns. We also carry screened fill and clean unscreened fill. Quality material along with our commitment to timely, dependable delivery means your project stays on schedule.

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- All Types Of Mulch
- Rocks & Boulders
- All Types Of Sand
- All Types Of Stone  

A & R is your one stop resource for the materials you need to complete your landscape projects, big or small. We stock a wide array of the most sought after products, ready for delivery to your home or job site. So if you want excellent quality, great value, and courteous professional service, this is the place for you to shop! Call today to place an order.