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The best time-saving measure a gardener or groundskeeper can take is applying mulch. Mulched gardens are healthier, more weed free, and more drought-resistant then unmulched gardens, so you'll spend less time watering, weeding, and more importantly mulch will make your property look amazing. Mulches can help prevent water loss from the soil by minimizing evaporation, minimizes the infestation of weeds into a weed free flower bed, and when applied properly, can prevent weed germination altogether.
Mulching is a practice that gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners all take part in. It's an easy way to upgrade your property and a smart idea to help protect your trees, shrubs, and plants. It's also an excellent way to boost the curb appeal of your home or business.
- Black Mulch
- Brown Mulch
- Red Mulch

A & R Materials has been a top mulch supplier for the Long Island area for years. We offer a complete variety of mulch types for both commercial landscapers who buy in bulk quantities and for homeowners who are looking for a higher quality mulch and a better deal than you would get at a box store.

    - Best Prices on Long Island
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  • - Highest Quality Materials
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Call A & R Materials today to speak to one of our experienced mulch associates 631-438-8340. We have three premium blends of mulch designed to enrich your soil and provide beauty to your property.
We Also Deliver:

  • - Topsoil & Clean Fill
  • - Rocks & Boulders
  • - All Types Of Sand
  • - All Types Of Stone

A & R is your one stop resource for the materials you need to complete your landscape projects, big or small. We stock a wide array of the most sought after products, ready for delivery to your home or job site. So if you want excellent quality, great value, and courteous professional service, this is the place for you to shop! Call today to place an order.